We have recruited local agents throughout the United Kingdom and who are able to provide a speedy and efficient service of legal process at competitive prices. We effect the introduction of the agent to you with whom you can then deal directly. We do not charge you for our services.

UK Assignments

By making just a simple enquiry via our website in respect of a service assignment the availability of local process serving agents can be ascertained and an estimate for the assignment can be provided. Only brief details of the assignment (not including the identity of the customer) are supplied to our agents. LAD endeavour to provide customers with the two lowest quotations for the assignment and the customer can choose which agent to contact/instruct. Our target aim is to be able to locate a suitable agent in the UK within one hour of your enquiry.

Overseas Assignments

Please contact urgent@lawagentdirect.com with your enquiry. LAD will be able to assist by providing a bespoke quotation utilising the services of one of our overseas agents.


We serve all forms of court documentation on individuals, partnerships, companies, corporations and all other organisations. We know the importance of ensuring that documents are served on the intended recipients quickly.


Available agents can be swiftly located via a website enquiry and the cost of the process serving assignment can be immediately ascertained. A great deal of time can be saved by the customer by no longer having to phone around to locate a suitable agent.

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